Open Positions

Postdoctoral Associate – LbL Nanoparticle Systems for Ovarian Cancer: 

One or more positions in the Paula T. Hammond lab, at the Koch Institute of Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, are available, to be filled by a chemist or biomaterials, chemical or biomedical engineer with strong materials science expertise.   Willingness to learn and engage in animal studies and histological analysis preferable.  The project involves a collaborations across the Koch Institute, and with other major cancer centers including Dana Farber Cancer Center as a part of a newly funded initiative.   Background or interest in working with both in vivo and ex vivo tumor models such as organoids, and the use of high throughput methods to discover nanoparticle function and cell-material interactions is especially encouraged.   Ability to use known conjugation chemistries, including bioorthgonal click chemistry approaches, to attach peptides, proteins or other biomolecules to the surface, will be important to the program.  This postdoctoral associate will examine the pharmacokinetics, biodistribution and modifications of the tumor microenvironment following delivery of combinations of different agents, which may include siRNA and small molecule inhibitors as well as cytokines and other immune-active agents such as immunoregulators, to address advanced serous ovarian cancer. Broader sets of collaborations may also be possible within the Koch Institute Marble Center on Nanomedicine, including those involving combination therapy nanoparticle systems, theranostic systems, and the potential to explore modes of immuno-oncology applications using nanomaterial systems.    This position(s) will be part of a larger multi-disciplinary program, with an emphasis on career development and working toward independence as a principal investigator.