Our research and educational program emphasizes the use of molecular aspects in the study and development of new materials and processes. Its basis is the molecular design and synthesis of self-assembling polymeric systems, and the understanding and use of secondary interactions to guide their assembly at surfaces as well as in the bulk and solution state. 

Congratulations to Professor Hammond for receiving the AIChE Charles M. A. Stine Award!
Professor Hammond receives Ovarian Cancer Research Program Teal Innovator Award
Paula Hammond is inducted into American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2013

Recent News: Graduate student Noémie Dorval Courchesne's work on assembling bacteriophage templates via covalent LbL to organize materials into nanoporous networks was featured on the back cover of Advanced Materials. Professor Hammond, graduate student Stephen Morton, and former student Dr. Nisarg Shah were featured in the MIT Materials Processing Center May Newsletter. Read more details here...