Sundar Prasanth Authimoolam


SMART Antimicrobial Resistance, Singapore

Email: sundarprasanth [at] smart . mit . edu

Biofilm-Penetrating Systems for Novel Antimicrobial Therapeutic Delivery

Antimicrobial resistance is a serious healthcare issue characterized by a global rise in the incidence and spread of multidrug-resistant microbial infections together with a failing antibiotic development model. My research focuses on the pre-clinical development of antibiotic encapsulated liposomes to address treatment challenges associated with systemic toxicity and to enable the co-delivery of antimicrobial combinations. Antibiotic-liposomes are self-assembled using layer-by-layer functional coats that provide bacterial-stimuli responsiveness and/or can deliver synergistic antibiotic combinations, thereby maximizing the therapeutic potential of existing antibiotics against multi drug-resistant infections.