Materials for Electrochemical Energy

We are interested in the manipulation of ionic and/or electronic charge transport through the use of Layer-by-Layer (LbL) films as electrostatic nanoscale blends into which new nanomaterials may be incorporated; this has led to unique capabilities in electrochemical storage and devices. We have examined the nature of ion conduction in LbL thin films, as well as the incorporation of electroactive nanomaterials within the electrode of electrochemical systems. This work includes the incorporation of genetically engineered viruses to create high power and energy storage batteries, and the examination of re-ordering of high aspect ratio materials in electrostatic multilayers to achieve stratified and ordered thin film assemblies. Furthermore, the lab has investigated the development of all-carbon nanotube electrodes that exhibited high power and energy storage, and novel electrochemical capacitors and electrodes that can be derived using these approaches.