Nisarg Shah




Chemical Engineering grad student


BS Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University


Mumbai, India

Multifunctional therapies for biomedical devices and targeted drug delivery  

I am broadly interested in developing and combining biomaterials towards new therapies for musculoskeletal tissue engineering and cancer treatment. Specifically, I am interested in the improved stability of orthopedic implants and grafts to extend their lifetime and prevent premature failure by (i) promoting the direct integration of the implant with the host bone tissue and (ii) repairing large bone defects to restore tissue mechanical properties.  I design bioactive nanostructured coatings containing materials that can mimic aspects of the natural bone wound healing cascade and direct endogenous cell behavior for implant integration and bone repair. I also develop therapeutic delivery systems that can achieve specific tissue-level targeting. Such an approach can have a broad impact on a variety of diseases with unmet or suboptimal treatment options in the field of cancer and musculoskeletal diseases.