Betty Gourdon

Visiting Researcher, Postdoc
Email: bgourdon [at] mit . edu



Formulation of peptide loaded LbL nanoparticles targeting PepT1 intestinal transporters: A new strategy for peptide oral delivery

While peptide and protein therapeutic research has developed significantly in the past decades, delivery has limited their use. Although oral delivery is preferred, conventional formulation strategy cannot be applied due to limited oral bioavailability. My research focuses on the oral administration of peptide with the development of peptide-loaded nanoparticles targeting intestinal PepT1 transporters. A perfect control of drug release through the gastro intestinal tract is crucial and will be tackled using layer-by-layer assembly. Successive layers of polyelectrolytes modified with PepT1 ligand would allow to improve oral bioavailability of promising new molecular entities.