Apoorv Shanker

Email: apoorvsh [at] mit . edu

Layer-by-layer delivery of immune-modulators on microparticle vaccines

Cancer immunotherapy refers to treatments which harness and enhance the immune system to fight cancer. Over the years, several different approaches such as stimulating the effector mechanisms and suppressing the inhibitory mechanisms of the immune system have been developed as effective anti-cancer treatments. This tweaking of the immune system is carried out through administration of certain antibodies and small-molecule drugs, which can be termed as “immune-modulators”. However, the optimal sequencing of immune-modulators is currently not known. I aim to study the effect of their dosage and sequencing on immune activity through layer-by-layer (LbL) fabricated microparticle delivery vehicles. Such microparticles can deliver agents in both spatially- and temporally- controlled fashions. LbL structures on microparticle vaccines will allow direct comparison of different sequences in a higher throughput than currently possible with conventional dosing.