Stephanie Kong

PhD Student

Layer-by-layer Nanoparticle Design for Enhancing Uptake by Ovarian Cancer Cells

Layer-by-layer assembly can be used to design multifunctional nanoparticles capable of delivering concentrated dosages of chemotherapy drugs and gene therapeutics to tumor cells. Targeting of these drug-delivery nanoparticles is critical to ensuring the death of tumor cells over healthy cells. My research focuses on tuning the terminal polyamine layer via specific (functionalization via ligands) and non-specific (charge-based) interactions to localize LBL nanoparticles along tumor tissues and enhance nanoparticle uptake and penetration. Nanoparticle uptake and penetration are critical challenges for introducing drug delivery therapeutics in vivo, where transport across tumor blood vessels limits drug delivery. 

Email: kong94 [at] mit . edu