Open Positions

Postdoctoral Associate – LbL Nanoparticle Systems for Biofilm Targeting against Antimicrobial Resistance:  This opening is located at the MIT-Singapore SMART Program at the CREATE Center Campus at the (1 CREATE Way), NUS, Singapore, and is in collaboration with efforts at the Nanyang Technological University.  The P.T. Hammond research lab at SMART-MIT, in collaboration with the M.B.E. Chan Lab at NTU, Singapore, will develop electrostatically assembled nanolayered particles for the targeting of infections in biofilms.  We seek to investigate these systems with the ultimate intent of developing promising systems that can be translated to meaningful clinical applications. The position requires a highly motivated and independent researcher with strong biomaterials background, and experience with polymer synthesis and characterization, cell culture and biological laboratory know-how and the ability to work collaboratively and manage interactions with faculty and a broad range of senior and junior research collaborators.   Experience with biological assays, confocal microscopy, or work with bacteria and/or microbiology background is considered favorable but not required.   Interested parties must be willing to live and work in Singapore throughout the project period. 

Postdoctoral Associate - LbL Nanoparticle Systems: This position in the Hammond lab, at the Koch Institute of Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, will be filled by a biomedical engineer, or M.D./PhD with strong materials science, biological and/or biomedical background and expertise in animal studies and histology. Background in polymeric biomaterials is especially encouraged though not essential. This postdoctoral associate will examine the pharmacokinetics, biodistribution and tumor targeting efficacy of siRNA targeted against a unique set of synergistic genetic targets, with combinations of chemotherapy drug, to address a rare cancer in a close collaboration with a pharmaceutical company sponsor.