Lawrence Mensah


Postdoctoral Researcher

Multifunctional Liposomal and LbL siRNAs/miRNAs Nanoparticles for Ovarian Cancer Therapeutics

Though there have been significant advancements in the development of a myriad of potent therapeutic agents for the treatment of ovarian cancer, the majority of patients who are typically diagnosed at the advanced stage of the disease still face dismal prospect of short survival time. In Hammond lab, we are developing smart ‘active targeting’ multicompartmentalized and multifunctional theranostic (therapeutic and imaging capabilities) nanocomposite drug carriers using liposomal and polyelectrolyte layer-by-layer (LbL) approach. These vesicular nanoparticles offer high selectivity, reduced toxicity and increased systemic circulation in their functionality. The platform of nanoscale vesicular structures has always been used by cells in the form of exosomes to delivery range of molecular cargos.  Given the advancement in ovarian cancer genetic profiling, these nanoparticles will be designed with a payload of small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) and or micro RNAs (miRNAs) specific to molecular profile of a given ovarian cancer subtype (personalized design).  These nanoparticles will also be formulated with a synergetic combination of cytotoxic drugs and small molecule inhibitors with the aim to target, sensitize and illicit potent synthetic lethality in ovarian cancer cells carrying loss-of-function in BRCA1/ BRCA2 and p53 genes. This approach offers great promise to overcome drug resistance and relapse in patients with complex genetic disease background and increase favorable therapeutic outcome.

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