Erik Dreaden

Postdoctoral Researcher

Polymer Nanotechnologies for Rational Combination Therapies against Metastatic Tumors

Drugging solid tumors with combinations of nucleic acids and small molecules can be challenging when cellular colocalization is required for efficient tumor cell killing. These combinations often exhibit vastly differing physiochemical properties and require precise control of both tissue-specific delivery and sequential drug release. My research focuses on the development and translation of engineered polymer technologies that maximize synergistic or synthetic lethal interactions from these combinations while minimizing off-target effects. These include multilayered1 and bottle-brush2 polymer nanoparticles that deliver cocktail chemotherapies3 and chemosensitizing oligodeoxynucleotides4, as well as small interfering RNA that blocks drug efflux5 and combinations of small molecules that dynamically rewire6,7 cell signaling pathways which drive resistance. This work spans polymer design, synthesis, combination development, and in vivo interrogation.


Email: edreaden[at]



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